Retail and commercial projects have been a mainstay of the firm in recent years.  National corporate clients include Avis Rent-A-Car, Bosch, Brown-Mackie College, Centennial Wireless, Equis Corporation, Frank's Nurseries and Crafts, Pizza Hut, and Treehouse Cuts Hair Salons.   The firm has also provided services to numerous local and regional companies, including FunTan tanning salons, the Greater Niles Community Federal Credit Union, Manufacturing Technology Inc., Mighion Dental Center, and Veldman’s Service Center.  Most recently the firm has provided design and inspection services for five US Census 2010 offices in four states for the United States Government Services Administration.  The firm has also completed numerous other small- and medium-sized commercial projects for stores, factories, offices, clinics and community centers. 

Park and recreation planning, design and architecture is another area of work for Crumlish and Crumlish Architects.  The firm designed a new boardwalk, observation platform and footbridge at the Ella Logan Girl Scout Camp in Syracuse, Indiana; and an observation deck at the Studebaker Golf Course in South Bend.  Other significant projects include the visitor center at Fernwood in Buchanan Michigan, and the Madeleine Bertrand Park in Berrien County, Michigan. 

Animal care and veterinary facilities are another area of work for the firm and include the major addition to the Morris Animal Hospital in Granger, Indiana; and the original City of South Bend Animal Control Shelter. 

McCambridge Office Building, South Bend, IN 1990

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Brown-Mackie Laboratory
Brown-Mackie Laboratory

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Brown-Mackie Laboratory
Brown-Mackie Laboratory

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Brown-Mackie College, Vet tech lab, South Bend, IN 2008
MTI Office Interiors, South Bend, IN 2009
MTI Offices
MTI Offices

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MTI Offices
MTI Offices

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Past Projects List

  • Adams Engineering Offices, Office Interior RemodeIing, South Bend, Indiana, 1991

  • Avis Service Center, Remodeling, South Bend, Indiana, 1999

  • BOSCH-Rexroth, Computer Facility, Buchanan, Michigan 2005

  • Brown-Mackie College, Interior Remodeling, Nursing School, South Bend, Indiana, 2005

  • Brown-Mackie College, Interior Remodeling, General Studies, South Bend, Indiana, 2006

  • Brown-Mackie College, Interior Remodeling, Veterinary Technical School, South Bend, Indiana, 2007

  • Carroll Street Apartments (28 Units), South Bend, Indiana 2020

  • Castle Point Apartments (740 Units) and Clubhouse Renovation, South Bend, Indiana 2016

  • Centennial crossings Swimming Pool., Plymouth, IN, 2021


  • City of South Bend Departmental Office Renovations, County-City Building, South Bend, Indiana, 2019

  • Dragon City Restaurant, Remodeling, Albion, Michigan, 2001

  • Duley Press, Addition, Mishawaka, Indiana, 2004

  • Early Local Census 2010 Office, US Census Bureau, South Bend, Indiana  2008

  • Edison Water Filtration Plant Roof Reconstruction, South Bend, Indiana 2019

  • edward jones office, south bend, indiana, 2021

  • Feldman Apartment Building Remodeling, South Bend, Indiana  2009

  • Frank's Nursery & Crafts, 3 Addition, Clarksville and Nashville, Tennessee, 1993

  • Frank's Nursery & Crafts, 3 Additions, Louisville, Kentucky, 1993

  • Frank's Nursery & Crafts, 7 Additions, Ft. Wayne, Lafayette, Indianapolis, Anderson, & Michigan City, In, 1992

  • Frank's Nursery & Crafts, 7 Additions, Toledo and Columbus, Ohio, 1993

  • Frank's Nursery & Crafts, Addition, Evergreen Park, Illinois, 1993

  • Fun Tan, Tanning Salons (5), South Bend, Indiana, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008

  • Glam Boutique, Mishawaka, Indiana 2020

  • Good Samaritan Thrift Shop, Addition, Winamac, Indiana  2014

  • Grains & Grinds Bagel Café, Granger, Indiana, 1994

  • Greater Niles Community Federal Credit Union, New Building, Cassopolis, Michigan, 2006

  • Greater Niles Community Federal Credit Union, Exterior Renovation, Niles, Michigan, 2009

  • hall insurance agency office building, winona lake, indiana 2021

  • Huber's Oak Gallery, Granger, Indiana, 1994

  • Indiana Wheels, Industrial Equipment Foundations, Plymouth, IN 2019

  • Kaurich Chiropractic Clinic, South Bend, Indiana, 2003

  • Laven Insurance Office, Interior Remodeling, South Bend, Indiana  1990

  • Little Caesar Restaurant, Cambridge, Minnesota 2015

  • Little Caesar Restaurant, Champaign, Illinois 2014

  • Little Caesar Restaurant, Leitchfield, Kentucky 2015

  • Little Caesar Restaurant, Louisville, Kentucky 2020

  • Little Caesar Restaurant, Springfield, OH 2019

  • Little Caesar Restaurant, West Lafayette, Indiana  2013

  • Local Census 2010 Office, US Census Bureau, Houma, Louisiana  2009

  • Local Census 2010 Office, US Census Bureau, San Angelo, Texas  2009

  • Manufacturing Technology Inc., Corporate Office Interior Remodeling, South Bend, Indiana, 2009

  • Manufacturing Technology Inc., High-Bay Addition, South Bend, Indiana, 2006

  • Manufacturing Technology Inc., Loading Dock Addition, South Bend, Indiana, 1992

  • Manufacturing Technology Inc., Low-Bay Addition, South Bend, Indiana, 2005

  • Manufacturing Technology Inc., Storage Building, South Bend, Indiana, 2006

  • Mark Temple Tree Utility Building, Storage Building, South Bend, Indiana, 2013

  • McCambridge Building, Corporate Office Building, South Bend, Indiana, 1990

  • Mid-States Auto Auction, Office Addition, South Bend, Indiana, 1991

  • Mighion Dental Center, Mishawaka, Indiana, 2006

  • Miller Hydraulic Service, Office and Shop Addition, South Bend, Indiana, 1994

  • Minkler Building, Renovation, South Bend, Indiana, 1997

  • Mishawaka Animal Care Center, Mishawaka, Indiana

  • Morris Animal Hospital, Addition, Granger, Indiana, 2000

  • Near Northwest Neighborhood Community Center and Offices, South Bend, Indiana, 1998

  • North Liberty Community Building, Remodeling, North Liberty, Indiana, 2003

  • North Shore Town Houses, 4 Units, South Bend, Indiana, 2012

  • Oakbrook Park Apartments, 12 Units, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2016

  • Panorama Restaurant, Remodeling, South Bend, Indiana, 2000

  • Parkview Terrace Apartments Renovation (108 Units) Mishawaka, Indiana 2012

  • Parkview Terrace Community Center, Mishawaka, Indiana 2012

  • Pizza Hut Restaurants, Elk Grove Village, Illinois, 2013

  • Pizza Hut Restaurant, South Bend, Indiana, 2013

  • Pizza Hut Restaurants, Chicago, & Oak Park, Illinois, 2014

  • Pizza Hut Restaurants, South Bend, & Osceola Indiana, 2014

  • Pizza Hut Restaurants, Gurnee, & Orland Park, Illinois, 2015

  • Pizza Hut Restaurant, Montgomery, Illinois, 2016

  • Pizza Hut Restaurants, Carpentersville, Joliet, St. Charles, & Woodridge, Illinois, 2017

  • Pizza Hut Restaurants, Romeoville, Naperville, Lake in the Hills, Crystal Lake, Plainfield, Illinois 2018

  • Pizza Hut Restaurants, Berkeley, Elgin, & Mt. Prospect, Illinois, 2019

  • Pizza Hut Restaurant, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2019

  • Pizza Hut Restaurants, (2) Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, 2019

  • Pizza Hut Restaurant, Washington, Pennsylvania, 2019

  • Pizza Hut Restaurants, (5), glen burnie, edgewood, baltimore, reisterstown, & bel air, maryland, 2021

  • Pizza Hut Restaurants, (3), south bend, goshen & southport, INDiana, 2021

  • Pizza Hut Restaurant, south holland, illinois, 2021

  • Pizza Hut Restaurants, (21), etnA & Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, 2021

  • Riviera Restaurant, Remodeling, Mishawaka, Indiana, 2003

  • Solvay Automotive, Addition, South Bend, Indiana, 1992

  • South Bend Animal Control Shelter, South Bend, Indiana, 1996

  • South Bend Joint Area Training Facility Addition for IBEW, South Bend, Indiana, 2018

  • Szabo Family Dentistry, Addition, Mishawaka, Indiana , 1992

  • The Road Home Gift Shop, Granger, Indiana, 1994

  • Timken, Factory Façade Modernization, South Bend, Indiana, 1995

  • Trayam Yoga Fitness Center, South Bend, Indiana 2020

  • Treehouse Cuts, Hair Salons, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids & Lansing, Michigan 1995-2003

  • Treehouse Cuts, Hair Salons, South Bend, Merrillville & Ft. Wayne, Indiana, 1995-2003

  • Van Buren Community Center, South Bend, Indiana, 2010 & 2013

  • Veldman's Service Center, South Bend, Indiana, 2006

  • Woodford Group Home Renovation, Rite of Passage, South Bend, Indiana, 2018